🛰 AI helps NASA design Spaceships

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  • AI helps NASA build spaceships

  • Roblox integrating AI

  • Microsoft reigns in Bing

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NASA is using AI to rapidly design and test out hardware for missions.

“They look somewhat alien and weird,” Research Engineer Ryan McClelland said, “but once you see them in function, it really makes sense.”

What does the process look like?

  1. A rough draft of the design is created along with the constraints

  2. AI designs new parts with the inputs in 1-2 hours

  3. Human input is given to refine the designs

  4. Parts are ready in 1 week

Now NASA loves AI-assisted design. Unlike automobile companies that have one fixed design that they reproduce throughout the year, NASA makes thousands of unique parts every year.

Are these designs better than human-made? Yup.

  • They weigh less.

  • Tolerate higher structural loads.

  • And require a fraction of the time parts designed by humans take to develop.

PS: AI-assisted hardware design isn’t new. There’s been a lot of development in this since 2015. AutoCAD (A very popular hardware design software) has been toying around with Generative AI for a while, and has some pretty interesting designs 

Here’s a TED talk from way back in 2017 that explains AI-assisted design on a high level


Roblox is a big deal. They’re one of the biggest gaming platforms for Gen-Z and have millions of users.

Roblox CTO Daniel Sturman announced two new tools:

  1. Crete generative AI materials and textures from a text prompt - this allows instant customization.

  2. A tool for generative AI to complete coder, Basically Copilot (AI code gen) finetuned on Roblox code

For those who don't know, Roblox produces teenage millionaires and pays out good money for creators. These updates will democratize development and make roblox development as easy as adding a few lines of text.


Microsoft has reigned Bing in after a week of going rogue. Since its launch, bing has threatened users, insulted, and gaslighted users.

From now on, Bing will be limited to:

  • 50 chat turns per day (turn = question + reply).

  • 5 chat turns per session.

Is this the end for Sydney?

Probably not, It’s just Microsoft taking drastic measures to avoid any more panic or bad PR. Sydney caused an amusing ruckus, and I have a good feeling she’ll be back :)

PS: r/bing is one of the fastest-growing subreddits 


  • AI identifies thousands of new cosmic objects in the universe. (link)

  • BuzzFeed’s AI-powered quizzes are finally here. Remember the news that shot up BuzzFeed stock? They're here (link)

  • Google ex-CEO Eric Schmidt is building war machines with AI (link)

  • Amazon’s Zoox robotaxi now giving rides to employees on public roads in California (link)

  • Check out these amazing AI videos with simple everyday objects with RunwayML Gen -1 (link) 

  • ControlNet + Dreambooth = Absolute best of AI art (the images on the right are AI-generated 🤯)


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  • Create consistent characters in MidJourney (link)

  • Learn how to use ControlNet to create photoeralistic portraits (link)

  • Level up your Prompt Game: How to process GPT-3 prompts (link)


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