Apple bans ChatGPT + OpenAI drops a ChatGPT App 🔥

PLUS: Meta is launching AI chips!

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I know it’s been a while and I’ve missed you folks. “Where have you been all this time Sudharshan?”. We know you have this question and here’s why we’ve been inactive.

What have we been up to? 🏗️ 

  • We’ve been scaling up Frontier AI consulting 👨‍💼 

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So, what's been cooking in the world of AI? 🧪

  • 🍎 Why did Apple ban the use of ChatGPT in their workspace?

  • 💾 Why is Meta doubling down on Hardware?

  • 📱 How is ChatGPT’s first app launch going?

  • & more….

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Everyone who uses ChatGPT knows that it collects and retains data from it’s users to improve it’s model.

Well if you didn’t know, now you do 😆 

Apple being Apple is naturally worried about its internal data privacy. What if an employee ends up entering sensitive company data into ChatGPT?

But it’s not just ChatGPT - Apple has banned their employees from using most Gen AI tools like Google’s Bard & Microsoft’s Bing!

Apple wasn’t the first giant to pull the plug on these LLMs. Other giants who’ve already asked their workers to stop using chatbots like this include

  • Samsung

  • JP Morgan

  • Amazon

  • Goldman Sachs

PS: Apple is actively hiring for multiple roles in Gen AI. Looks like they’re building their own LLMs and Foundational models folks, things are getting spicy 😉


Wtf is Meta upto - AR, VR, AI, metaverse and now Chips? 🤔

Meta just entered the smokin’ hot AI Chips market with their shiny new MTIA chips.


They want to build custom-built chips that will accelerate the performance of their long-term AR, VR and Metaverse goals. Here’s the hot stuff Meta’s dropping 🚀

  • Meta Scalable Video Processor (MSVP) will be used to process and transmit videos while significantly cutting down on energy requirements. Meta’s VP of Infrastructure, Alexis Bjorlin told that “there was nothing commercially available that could handle the task of processing and delivering 4 billion videos a day as efficiently as Meta wanted

  • Meta Training and Inference Accelerator’s (MTIA) family of chips are custom-built to help with various AI-specific tasks. The new MTIA chip is designed to specifically handle “inference,” an action a trained AI model used to make a prediction or take an action.

But Meta doesn’t want to hoard all its custom-built hardware. Meta’s VP of Engineering, Aparna Ramani had the following to say about their long term goals ⛰️ 

“I want to reiterate that our philosophy is still open science and cross collaboration”

Aparna Ramani


OpenAI just dropped a swanky new iOS app for ChatGPT 😜 

Here’s what’s in store 👇️ 

  • Voice Inputs - With Whisper API, their open-source speech integration that allows you to ‘ask’ rather than ‘type’ on their app (Hey Siri 😉)

  • Sync Usage History Across Devices - Whatever searches you perform on your smartphone can be resumed on your PC or any other device you’re logged into.

We’re not sure how this will disrupt Google’s search engine, other apps on your phone or even Siri. Giddy up ladies and gents, mobile-first AI is going to explode.

For now, the iOS app is just available for the US and will be made LIVE across the world in the coming weeks.

Don’t worry if you’re reading this on your android phone. OpenAI are dropping an android app very soon.


Blockade Labs launched an awesome product that lets you convert sketches into 360 ° worlds.


  • Dora - Generate powerful 3D websites with nothing more than a prompt 🤯 

  • Zoo from Replicate - One place to generate images from all your favorite generative AI tools 🖼️ 

  • ZBrain - Build ChatGPT apps with your private data 💾 

  • Kvants - AI-driven investment platform trained on the world’s leading hedge funds 💸 

  • Copyingai - Quickly convert any YouTube video into a written post 📹️

  • Yoodli - Your personal AI driven speech coach 🗣️ 

  • CopernicAI - Create complete environments with AI 🌍️ 

  • tl;dv - AI-driven meeting note taker & summariser 📔 

  • Parthean - Powerful financial coach in your pocket 💵 


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  • 👀 Project Ring - A hand worn system that sees the world and narrates it to the user (link)

  • 💊 Hippocratic AI - They raised a fresh round of $50 million to create all sorts of healthcare bots (link)

  • 🔮 Zapier AI - The world’s biggest workflow automation tool just got a boost with AI (link)

  • 🌍️ Google Soundstorm - A model with efficient and humanlike audio generation capabilities (link)

  • 🛠️ ChatGPT Plugins - ChatGPT just got even cooler with a fresh set of plugins (link)


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