GPT-4 and Midjourney V5 next week?

PLUS: Salesforce and Discord play AI ball!

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Welcome to the 250+ new subscribers who have joined since the last edition. I'm getting tired of saying this, but this was another massive week in AI. I need some CPR folks since I might have a heart attack dammit.

What's cooking in today's edition? 🧪

  • GPT-4 launching next week?

  • Discord and Salesforce go all into AI!

  • Sneak peek into Midjourney V5

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This is still a rumor (although a strong one) and GPT-4 is supposed to be a multi-modal language model.

Wait hold up. What’s a multimodal language model? Models that can understand multiple modalities like images, video, and audio. Apart from text, you can also feed an image as input to the model and ask questions about it! (Learn more here.)

Now, this is why I think GPT-4 is almost ready for launch.

  1. GPT-4 is multimodal, and Microsoft launched Kosmos-1, their multimodal language model 10 days back.

  2. OpenAI quietly released Visual-ChatGPT on Thursday.

All the ingredients exist for GPT-4. All we gotta do is wait.



Discord wants to make AI social. I love Discord, and I like their approach - "How do we integrate AI into more social experiences?"

“On Discord, you can use AI to supercharge your conversation with friends – you can brainstorm together, create together, make memes together. It’s both entertainment and utility, fun and informative"

What are the shiny new features?

  1. Clyde gets an AI upgrade: Clyde is Discord's helpful server bot. Think of it as an AI Assistant for each server.

  2. AutoMod AI: Moderate servers with AI

  3. Conversation Summaries: Get summaries of long conversations.

  4. Avatar Remix: Ah, this is a nice one. Remix your friend's avatars. This is multiplayer instructpix2pix. 


I like Salesforce. They're a fairly boring B2B company but have been playing around with AI since 2016, specifically NLP. In the last week, they made 3 significant announcements.

  1. They launched EinsteinGPT: The first Generative AI for CRM. It's your typical CRM upgraded with ChatGPT.

  2. ChatGPT integrted in slack: Get AI-powered conversation summaries, AI-powered QnA, and write with AI.

  3. Launched Salesforce Ventures - A shiny new $250M AI fund: They've already invested in You, Anthropic, Cohere and Hearth AI. The first 3 are OpenAI competitors.


  • Microsoft adds an AI-powered Copilot to its business apps (link)

  • AI Startup Anthropic Raises $300M At $4.1B. AI wars are getting hotter! (link)

  • AI detected breast cancer 4 years before images showed it (link)

  • Google AI launches the Universal Speech Model (USM) (link)

  • HubSpot launches AI tools to simplify content creation (link)

  • Brex is collaborating with OpenAI to create AI-powered tools for CFOs and their teams (link)

  • Google's 2021 AI ethics debate foreshadowed the future (link)

  • South Korean startup rivaling Nvidia seeks $400 million valuation and new AI chip (link) 

  • Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's big bet on A.I. is paying off as his core technology powers AI (link)

  • Midjourney V5 might be launching very soon. (link)


  • Content at Scale - The AI search assistant for work.

  • Type - An AI-first document editor that helps you write high-quality content quickly.

  • Miro AI - Supercharged stickies help you overcome cold starts, generate diagrams and code, and unlock impactful insights and decisions.

  • - Scrape public data from websites, create personalized copy, and summarize YouTube videos into key bullet points.

  • Chat.D-ID - Allows people to talk to AI on human terms via video chat.

  • Whimsical - Offers AI-generated suggestions for creating mind maps.

  • ChatGPT on Telegram - Enhance any conversation with the power of ChatGPT on Telegram.

  • ChatSpot - It combines the power of ChatGPT with HubSpot CRM and some paid APIs to help you grow your business.

  • Wonderdynamics - An AI tool that automatically animates, lights and composes CG characters into a live-action scene. No complicated 3D software, no expensive production hardware—all you need is a camera. This sh*t is mindblowing!


  • How to use Runway's AI Magic Tools to create the latest short film (link)

  • Learn how to use Apple Shortcuts to integrate GPT-3 into macOS and iOS (link)

  • Learn how to make your own puzzle game in ChatGPT (link)

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