Nvidia Soars + Adobe drops a bomb 🔥

PLUS: Character AI launched An App

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We’re back at it this week with a lot of great news and insights.

So, what's been cooking ? 🧪

  • 💾  $NVDA just exploded - How is AI contributing to it’s trillion 💲 valuation?

  • 🧑‍🎨 Adobe drops Generative Fill

  • 📱 Character AI just reached #2 on the App Store? 🤯 

  • & more….

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Some Context: What does Nvidia do? 🤔 

Nvidia makes GPUs that power a lot of video games + in the past 10 years, almost all of AI computing.

All the powerful Gen AI tools you see out there require some serious computing power, and Nvidia powers almost all of these.

This trend puts them in front of serious tech companies like Tesla & Facebook in terms of raw valuation.

  • The stock projections of $11 Billion in sales for this quarter definitely helped in pushing the stock price by a whopping 24% in one day 🤯 

  • Or Maybe - The stock price increased because the founder has the Nvidia logo tattooed on his arm. You never know 😛 

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Adobe Photoshop has long been the sweetheart of the professional photo editing market. Their suite of tools have captured and held the professional creative tool market for decades.

  • Adobe Firefly launched with a banger and now they bring their tools to photoshop.

  • Existing open source tools with Stable Diffusion exist - https://github.com/isekaidev/stable.art 

  • What is generative fill?

  • It allows you to Add, Edit & Remove content with simple text prompts

  • Some more details

What’s left to come with Adobe Firefly?

  • Prompt-based Video Editing

  • Themed Marketing Materials From Mood Boards

  • Simple 3D Compositions → Photo Realistic Images


Character AI is a fascinating tool that allows you to have a conversation with real or fictional characters.

But what’s more fascinating is the human behavioural aspect behind it.

As the world goes Digital, Loneliness is becoming a real problem. As Shaan says ‘Even though we won’t talk about it, the product which solves it will be addictive

Character AI already has a super popular web app and is the most engaged AI app after ChatGPT!

Out Hot Take 👇️ 

Character AI is heavily underrated and could take the first crack at solving the human loneliness problem after all 🤯 


🙌 Voice notes to Summarized Text in seconds 🙌 

✅ Record Audio Or Upload Files and get transcribed text in seconds
✅ Search Voice Notes, Tag Voice Notes & Even Mark Favourites
✅ Works across devices: Web, Phone & App


  • Hypertype - Create Super Fast Email Replies with Internal Data 💾 

  • Replai - Quick & Contextual AI generated replies on social media 📱 

  • Atomic - The AI calendar assistant that simplifies meeting scheduling and task management 📆 

  • Chat LLaMa - Custom Personal Assistant that runs on your GPU 💽 

  • Hints - Replace multiple clicks in multiple tools with Text/ Voice commands in one tool 🐁 

  • Character AI - Create and talk to fictional/ real life AI characters 🤡 

  • Private GPT - Create a ChatGPT bot trained on your private date 🤘 

  • Courseau - Turn hour long podcasts into fun courses 🎤 

  • The Alexandria Index - An Open-Source initiative to embed the internet 🌎️ 

  • Fina - Your AI Financial Advisor 💰️ 


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